Our 2017 Academy application is a downloadable PDF document, meant to be filled out electronically and sent back to us for review.

Follow the directions below and submit your completed applications to geoff@flourishsandiego.org.



Click below to view/download our interactive 2017 Application in PDF format.

To download the PDF to your computer, right-click on the button below that says “2017 FLOURISH ACADEMY APPLICATION” and choose “Save As.” You can also fill out the PDF online by simply clicking on the button below and then entering your information in the fields provided. 

Fill out your application by either downloading it or completing it online.


Before submitting your application, rename your PDF document by choosing “Save As” and adding your church’s name to the file name.

For example: 2017 Academy Application – Your Church’s Name.PDF

Submit your application by attaching it to an email to geoff@flourishsandiego.org.


If you cannot open the PDF document file, email office@flourishsandiego.org and we will send you an appropriate file type for your use.