Geoff is an apprentice of Jesus who is learning how to become more like him in thought, word and deed. His core giftedness hovers around his shepherd’s heart and his orientation as a reflective practitioner. In using these gifts, much of Geoff’s work is focused on the gospel, it’s proclamation, and it’s transformative impact in the lives of Christians and it’s subsequent renewing, redeeming and restorative influence on the world at large. This is why “Transformissional Leadership Development” is a useful descriptor of his work.

Geoff worked for Campus Crusade for Christ for 20 years, working in many capacities and all over the world, including in East Asia. He also was a leadership formation coach, conducting discipleship groups and spiritual formation groups for area pastors, professionals, and elders in San Diego County. Working closely with Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, he helped lead a missional initiative called ‘Cascade’, that later morphed and developed into him starting Flourish San Diego.

As the Executive Director Geoff aims to lead others to be apprentices of Jesus who help people and churches become who they were created to be so they may join God to help our city and world flourish. He believes that the dynamic, life-giving message of Jesus has been obscured from people who seek to find meaning and purpose in Him, and works tirelessly to help recover that message and faithfully communicate it to people today.



Trevor Lee has been the lead pastor of Trailhead Church in the metro Denver area for over two years. He is, as well, a Regional Coordinator for the Made to Flourish Pastors Network in the Rocky Mountain Region. He has written articles for various outlets such as Christianity Today, Made to Flourish and a variety of denominational publications. He is currently working with a team on a grant project that assesses integration of faith, work, and economics in church settings.

Trevor married his wife Michelle in 2000 (which makes it easy for him to remember how long they’ve been married!). Together they have two kids, Isaiah (10) and Ayla (9). Trevor is passionate about making the kingdom of God visible in everyday life through compassion, justice, peace, hope, joy, and love. He enjoys almost all sports, as long as you don’t count nascar as a sport. He loves being outside, going on hikes with his family, and being with friends.





Shauna is a surrendered follower of Jesus whose core strengths revolve around an enthusiastic and encouraging nature with a yearning to learn, and wisdom in discernment of Gospel truth. Always aware of the Lord’s leading and the many ways we can hear God’s voice, Shauna’s enthusiasm for her faith and gift for hospitality spill over into a wide network of friends and community connections through which she loves to serve.

Wife to Phil, mother of 3 adult children, retired physician (dermatologist), baptized Lutheran, long time Presbyterian, Stephen Ministry Leader, who just over 4 years ago awakened to the truth of the Gospel and the possibility of formation in Christ. Passionately learning and sharing since, Shauna facilitates a women’s discipleship group, led as chair of Cascade San Diego at Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, and is cofounder, board member, and enthusiastic volunteer for Flourish San Diego. She is described as an “enthusiastic and grateful kingdom dweller with a gentle spirit and a thirst for the truth”.




Josh is an apprentice of Jesus who is learning to live integrally. His core giftedness hovers around connecting ideas and people, communicating the good news of Jesus and starting new endeavors. In using these gifts, much of Josh’s work is focused on sharing the meaning and significance of God’s calling us to follow and inviting others to follow a sacrificial God seen and experienced in Jesus.

Before joining the staff of Flourish, Josh worked with university students in Texas and Washington States before serving on staff with a Presbyterian church in North County San Diego. He loves leading people, communicating the good news of Jesus in a variety of ways and pioneering new endeavors that lead to new and restored life.

As the Director-Vocational Catalyst, Josh aims to connect with new people and partner churches, coach and mentor pastors and leaders asking vocational questions and cultivate new groups of people who desire to become who they are so that they may join God to help our city and world flourish.



Growing up, Markus’ dream was to make it as a big-time movie director. He interned with a production company in Hollywood, and started working as a production assistant in Hollywood right after college…for a year. He brought his love for stories to Fuller Theological Seminary. There he was equipped to teach God’s big story, animating his congregations from Kentucky to San Diego, to live for the life of the world. Markus also completed a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis on Missional Leadership also from Fuller. Markus is the Director—Storyteller on the Flourish San Diego team.

Markus loves Star Wars (the original three, that is) and surfing (but says he doesn’t get out in the water nearly enough).




The Surge Network, Redemption Tempe

Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Tempe and is on the leadership team for the Surge Network. He has worked as a pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and a basketball scout in Turkey. He’s the co-founder of several organizations, including the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, Uzbek Justice Initiative, and Peace Catalyst International. He’s married to Jenny, and has a six-year old daughter named Elliana. They spend their time watching basketball, cooking Middle Eastern food, and being completely ineffective gardeners.



Fuller Seminary 

Tod Bolsinger joined Fuller Seminary in 2014 as vice president for vocation and formation and assistant professor of practical theology. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1993, Dr. Bolsinger served as senior pastor of San Clemente Presbyterian Church from 1997 to 2014. Prior to that he was associate pastor of discipleship and spiritual formation at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

Holding both an MDiv and a PhD in Theology from Fuller Seminary, Bolsinger taught graduate-level classes in theology for 14 years at Fuller’s regional campus in Orange County prior to joining the seminary’s regular faculty. He has extensive experience in church and nonprofit consulting and executive coaching, and he blogs on church and leadership formation. His faculty role at Fuller includes team-teaching the Practices in Vocational Formation class that all theology and intercultural studies master’s-degree students take to begin their course of study, teaching leadership classes, and developing a leadership cohort for DMin students.

Bolsinger is the author of three books, including Canoeing the Mountain: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory and the Christianity Today Award of Merit Winner It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian: How the Community of God Transforms Lives. Bolsinger has also written about building community in a virtual world in the book The New Media Frontier: Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting for Christ. He blogs frequently at