The Collective

Collaborating for the common Good

A Fresh Approach in Changing Times

The Collective at a Glance

Our Vision: “That San Diego would be a place where everyone and everything was flourishing.”

We think the flourishing of San Diego is the best way to frame what the church should be about in our beloved city. Our aim is to help the body of Christ steward all they have been graced with to seek the shalom of our city.

We are a network of people and organizations who, while diverse denominationally, socio-economically, ethnically, and so forth, are united around the common vision of seeing everyone and everything in San Diego thrive.

Key Idea

Better Together Than Apart

We celebrate the incredible faithful work of many organizations, institutions, churches, and ministries over the years. We also believe there is the opportunity for greater collective impact by working together.

Embracing a broader narrative and working with diverse people and organizations allows clarity of focus for individuals and organizations, as well as clarity of contribution in the bigger picture.

Who wouldn’t want that?



Variety of opinion, theological traditions, and approaches is good…

Common Good

…when what binds us together is our love for our neighbors…


… giving us fresh perspectives, creative approaches…

Culture renewing

…in the pursuit of peace, justice, and economic flourishing for all.

Redemptive Initiatives

Here are a few things we are doing together

The Big Story Course

The Academy – Pastoral development

Pastor Groups -Pastoral wellbeing

…and more is on the horizon

From the Steering Team

Join us

The steering committee is composed of faith and nonprofit leaders who have become convinced of the need for this city-loving kingdom network. Their own ministries are bent toward seeking the flourishing of their communities and the city of San Diego as a whole.

  • Geoffrey Hsu – Flourish San Diego
  • Lance Sherwood – Communion Church
  • Martin Cachero – Risen Church

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