Academy Tuition  

The total cost of tuition for each participating church, ministry, or organization in this year’s Academy will be $1,000.
This includes up to three people from each organization. Costs do not include the purchase of two books of required reading.

Scholarships Available 

In order to make this learning community more accessible, scholarship requests of up to $700 are available according to need. The Collective Academy application includes a section for scholarship requests, which can be applied for at the time of application. These generous scholarships are made available thanks to our fabulous ministry partners.
We are also able to offer a peer-to-peer fundraising mechanism if you’d like to raise funds to help people attend. Inquire here.

Additional Participants  

We have found these larger delegations to have the best opportunity to bringing lasting change in their congregational/organizational practices.
Please budget $50 for each additional participant beyond your initial team of three people.

The Math

Example: For a delegation of 4 people from one organization requesting a $200 scholarship:
Tuition for first three participants $1,000
Fourth participant $50
Total Tuition $1,050
Scholarship Request ($200)
Final Tuition $850


Due Date: Prior to Retreat 1 $850