Registration Fee 

The $500 registration fee will cover the first two participating members of each church or organization.
This fee will be paid by each participating church in the 2020 Academy cohort. 

Academy Tuition  

The total cost of tuition for each participating church in this year’s Academy, along with food, tuition & other costs for the first two participants from each church, will be $7,000.
This amount is eligible for scholarship requests up to $6,500, reducing the cost to what you are able to pay. This is detailed in the 2020 Academy Application.

Additional Participants  

Churches with three or four participants will receive priority consideration. We have found these larger delegations to have the best opportunity to bringing lasting change in their congregational practices.
This fee will be $300 for each additional participant beyond your initial team of two people. This fee, which covers food, tuition & other Academy costs for each additional participant, will be paid by each church.