Acton University Registration Instructions

From my email on 3/11/15:

Hello Friends,

For our time together in June, we’ll be attending Acton University in Grand Rapids, MI.  We’ll give you more of an orientation next month in Kansas City, but now is a good time to work on our registrations to attend Acton U.  You can find more info and begin the registration process at:
The registration process allows for participants from around the world to apply for scholarships to attend. For our learning community, we have some special instructions to follow. Note that we will be attending as a part of the Kern Made to Flourish (MTF) Pastor’s Fellowship.  We will also be applying for a travel scholarship. (I don’t know why, but I’m not asking any questions.)
Detailed Instructions to Register:
  1. You will first need to create an account with a username, email address, and password.
  2. Login with your new credentials. Note that the application process has four steps.  Start the application.
  3. On the “Before You Begin” screen, answer “yes” to the invitation to apply for a specific named fellowship.
  4. Step 1 – Fill out the info requested, which is pretty straightforward. On how you heard about Acton Univ choose “Friend/Colleague.”  You will be asked for Details of referral source, type into the text field “SD-VILC/Geoff Hsu.” Click Next Step button.
  5. Step 2 – Just a few questions.  Click Forward.
  6. Step 3 – Fees, Lodging, and Financial Aid:  (Note: Flourish San Diego is footing the bill, and our circumstances are a little different than what this application asks for).  Conference fee of $675 should be selected. Lodging plans should be Double Occupancy, please click on the radio button. When you are asked “Which fellowship you are applying for:” select “MTF Pastors Fellowship.”  Select “No” when asked if you “would like to apply for a travel scholarship.”
  7. Step 4 – Final Submission.  You can circle back to check your answers in your profile. This will let you return to each of the previous three steps. But you will still need to “Continue to the Last Step” to submit your application.  Once you submit your registration, you’ll get a message stating “Your Registration Status is Pending.”  You will also receive a confirmation email.
If you can get to this soon, that would be great.  But if you have a choice, please do the Asset and Influence Inventory first. I’m hoping to get that by Mon, March 16th.

Further Instructions from email dated Mar 27, 2015
Acton University – Further Registration Instructions:
As you may have gathered, the registration process can get complicated.  I can now give you further instruction on course selection.  By now you should have all created your profile at according to my earlier instructions. Once you have done this and received notice of your acceptance to AU, you will have a few tasks to complete in your profile.  The following instructions will allow you to pick your courses.
First, as Made to Flourish Fellows, we are encouraged to listen to the four Foundational Lectures at our SD-VILC resources page. Normally, new attendees will attend these foundational lectures. As Made to Flourish Fellows, we are being treated as alumni, which gives us more choices on classes, but also no option to listen to the foundational lectures. So, we would really encourage you to listen to these four before arriving.
Second, in an attempt to make the course selection easier, I am making the following recommendations on courses. (You are welcome to stray and choose your own courses, especially if something else catches your fancy.) With the information following you can now complete one more step in your registration.
Session 1:
Christianity and Cultural Responsibility – Stonestreet
Session 2:
From Paternalism to Partnership – Elzinga
Sesson 3:
Christianity and Postmodernity – Stonestreet
Community and Economic Development – Greene
Session 4:
Doing Well and Doing Good – Murray
Session 5:
Worship or Participation: The Role of Religion in Public Life – Stonestreet
The Family and the Market – Morse
Session 6:
Stewardship 101 – Wilson
Introduction to Real Business Ethics – Torres
Session 7:
Work: Theology of Work – Rae
Social Entrepreneurship – Münkel
Cultural Critiques of Capitalism – Miller
Session 8:
Marketplace as Social Shalom – Bradley
Spiritual Dangers of Doing Good – Greer
Sesson 9:
Partnership Based Community Development – Papazov
The Family and the State – Morse
Session 10:
The Social Vision of Abraham Kuyper – Bacote
Theories of Inequality and Fairness: Affirmative Action – Bradley
Session 11:
Business and the Common Good – Rae
Finally, to complete registration for AU, you’ll need your travel details. They helps them coordinate shuttle buses from the airport and such.  We will get that info to you in a couple of weeks when we pull the trigger on that.

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March 27, 2015