The Be Diagram, by Geoff Hsu


In the midst of all this confusing language about being “missional,” it may be that a  simple framework might be sufficient to move individuals and churches toward healthy growth and participation in God’s work in this world. To grow into the fullness of what God is transforming us to be, we must grow in our  belief of God, in an environment of loving relationships with people who are participating on God’s mission together. In short, we grow best spiritually when we believe, belong, bless, and be.

Please click on the image below to view/download the PDF document, “The Be Diagram” by Geoff Hsu. Click here to view “Contextualizing Win, Build, And Send — A First Pass,” also by Geoff Hsu for a deeper look into the thought process behind The Be Diagram.

Preview - Be Diagram


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June 8, 2016