During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Kern Family Foundation supported through its grant to Acton Institute the first national “Vocation Infusion Learning Community”- VILC for short. Leaders from 15 churches nationwide gathered to sharpen their theological understandings of faith, work, and economics. Fresh insights were gleaned from pioneering leaders who championed “whole-life discipleship” also known as “vocational discipleship.” Participating churches developed customized “Vocation Infusion Plans” to steer new, church-wide activities aimed at showcasing faith-work integration for the flourishing of our communities and city.


Dr. Geoff Hsu & Dr. Shauna Schneider, a retired physician, were graduates of this first VILC. Along with a colleague at Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Church, they spearheaded new congregational initiatives and intensified discipleship efforts that facilitated the development of several new non-profits and for-profit initiatives. In 2013, Geoff and Shauna launched Flourish San Diego to help church leaders equip their members to live into the fullness of their various callings, stewarding their gifts for the common good of the community.




As the Flourish Collective, we will seek to facilitate member churches’ ongoing collaboration in initiatives that will flourish San Diego. We are committed to developing ongoing relationships and offering continued learning experiences around vocational stewardship throughout the first year, and then in subsequent years for our alumni.

These efforts mean that a growing collaborative network of churches—clear on mission and strategy and rooted in one place—will be established. This network has the potential to implement significant new initiatives that draw on the unique strengths of multiple congregations, for advancing the common good.