While this learning community will not be for just anyone, we believe there are many audiences that can be served by what we are trying to do.  We will resonate with those who:

Believe that the gospel offers more than a ticket to heaven but points to the kind of life that we are both created for and yearn for

Know that discipleship is the answer, but yearns for a fresh way of following Jesus that embraces all of life

Seek a different posture to our prevailing culture that remains distinct within it, yet is perceived as being for the city

Have a sneaking suspicion, or a flat out conviction that “more and faster” does not describe the best way forward for the church to be a redemptive presence in our communities

In the end, Flourish San Diego is interested in fostering a movement of churches who learn, journey and collaborate in effort help the body of Christ flourish San Diego.


To best steward the generous resources entrusted to us, below you will find a brief list of selection criteria that we’ll be using to help us discern who will be participating with us in the coming cohort

People who love Jesus, love their churches, and love their community

We are aiming for diversity in the denomination background of participating churches

We are aiming for diversity in the size of participating churches (church plants to much bigger churches)

We are aiming for churches at different places in their awareness of calling, vocation, faith and work, spiritual formation, to name a few of the renewal streams we will be integrating

People who will honor a high commitment to the reading, learning, and application to their contexts. The dates for the upcoming meetings have been posted, and while situations arise, our expectation is that participants would be able to attend all the retreats and trips