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Learn, Live, and lunch* with us

Whether you are a pastor, nonprofit leader, entrepreneur, or  student, there are plenty of opportunities to build the kinds of relationships and ways of living that strengthen our ability to be a redemptive presence in our world today. (* A pre-pandemic practice we long to resume soon.)

Zoom-inar – August 26, 2020

Insights for Flourishing Pastors


With the ups and downs of pandemic living, coupled with racial inequities, mastering online church, and trying to have an answer for everything… pastors are exhausted.  Thankfully, we have had a chance to survey pastors and congregational leaders to see how we might best help them thrive.

Join us as we share some contemporary insights around “wellbeing” and “resilience.” We will give share some of our findings from our “Pastoral Flourishing in San Diego Survey” and offer some insight on the kinds of practices that will help ministry leaders thrive.


This will be a Zoom call.

Date: Aug 26, 2020
Time: 11a – 12p
Cost: Free

The Research

Pastors who implement practices like prioritizing their mental health or nourishing friendships flourish in their careers…

Duke Clergy Health Initiative

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