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The Big Story Course - Beta


Thanks for being a part of developing this course. This page will capture our sessions and offer some supplemental resources for you.

Learning Objectives

The Big Story Course – Beta

The core premise of this course is that when we have a clear understanding of the larger story of God, we are better able to understand how our lives make most sense inside that narrative. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Recount the larger story of God
  • Articulate how your life makes most sense inside God’s redemptive purposes in the world.
  • Identify and deploy your “vocational power” redemptively.
Lesson 1 - Overview

After a great introduction by Martin (which was not recorded so you’ll have to take our word for it), we offer a broad overview of the course and its importance for Christians today.

Additional Resources:

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Lesson 2 - Creation

We spend some time in Genesis reflecting on being created in the image of God what we are called to do (including things like bringing order out of chaos).

Additional Resources:
  • Street Sweeper – This is the video we watched produced by Briefcase Studios. Martin Luther King Jr comments on the power of good work. Video – 2:34 mins.
  • Flourishing Culture – Andy Crouch has been very helpful in reframing how we can contribute to creating a world where everyone thrives. Produced by our friends at Made to Flourish. Video – 43 mins.
  • Imaging God Worksheet – This worksheet can help you think about your vocational activities in light of the big story. Here is a quick instructional video to explain how to use it.


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Lesson 3 - Fall

Martin helps us think about the impact of the fall upon the four dimensions of shalom. (The video omits the sharing during the breakout session).

Additional Resources:
  • Carly – This is the video we watched during our session. This “All of Life” interview was conducted during a service at Canyon Springs Church in 2020. Video – 6:22 mins.
  • Creation & Fall – This session of the Reframe series groups creation and fall together.  Produced by our friends at Regent College. Password – (hint: Hebrew word that has four dimensions).  Video – 43 mins.
  • Justice & The Fall – This is a sermon delivered by Geoff at Trinity Presbyterian Church. In this series, we were exploring the topic of justice in light of the big story.
  • The Florist – This is another video that we often show to illustrate how “ordinary” work is more sacred than we know.

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Lesson 4 - Redemption

This session asks the question, “How will God ‘put the world to rights?'” We will look at the person and work of Jesus on the cross and how that restores shalom to the world.

Additional Resources (if you’d like more):

  • Mechanic for the Lord – This is the video we should have watched during our session. Note how the gifts he was given (Creation) combined with a need in the world (Fall) led to a redemptive response (Redemption) resulting in the world looking a little more like it will be (Restoration). Video – 3:30 mins.
  • Heaven & Earth – Ok, so I (Geoff) could have done a better job of talking about the blending of heaven and earth… an understanding key to understanding how to live in a world filled with the sacred. Video – 6:42 mins.
  • Temple – This video is even more interesting because the theme of the Temple can also be seen as the way to look at the Big Story. You may see the four chapters in this video and the narrative at this page.

No survey this week.  We’ll have more specific and unique course completion questions after next session.  Thank you.

Lesson 5 - Restoration

In this session, Martin and Lance connect the work of spiritual formation with the calling to partner with God in renewing and redeeming culture. Learn about four pathways to flourish your neighbors.

Additional Resources (if you’d like more):
  • Tegu Blocks – Building Blocks to Rebuild Communities. A great story of a creative way to create jobs and community well-being in the development of a business that cares for people as well as profit. 3:56 mins. This one gives even more insight to the business and their mission. Video – 3:30 mins.
  • Here is a interview with author Amy Sherman around the Four Pathways to steward our vocational power. Video – 26 mins
  • Start Something New – Here is a video that is an example of how a simple idea can make one’s community a better place. Video – 1:31 mins.

No survey this week.  We’ll have more specific and unique course completion questions after next session.  Thank you.

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This vision is a picture of what “thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” looks like.


“Align and empower the people of God to steward their whole lives toward God’s mission of renewing all things.”


Our aim is to help the body of Christ steward all they have been graced with to seek the shalom of our city. We will connect, incubate, and catalyze people and organizations to love their neighbors to life.

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