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What We are about


The Flourish Collective is a network of people (marketplace leaders, ministry leaders, culture creators, etc.) who are united around the common vision of seeing San Diego flourish.

Core Values

These are the things that matter

We are “centered-set” around the idea of loving our city to life. We believe our posture toward culture should renewing rather than antagonistic. We believe the Church has more to offer when its various streams are seen as gifts that enrich rather than lines that divide.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s gift of presence within his people and to the world. Our desire is to recognize we are his temple, to be fully surrendered to his will in our lives, as well as to be a people animated by his life and power within us in order to love our city to Life.

Faithfully Present

Just as God has been faithful present to us, we are to be faithfully present to him and faithfully present in the world, embodying the way of Jesus. This signals an exilic posture of the church toward culture that is engaged, seeking the “peace and prosperity” of the city to which we have been called.


All that we do is centered around the outrageous truth that we have been rescued from the devastating effects of sin upon our lives, society, and the culture, which we form apart from God. As an act of God’s grace through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we are set free to become the people God calls us to be… to our great relief, and for the life of the world.

Whole-life discipleship

 The aim of discipleship is the transformation of our inward character such that our outward actions and behaviors resemble that of Jesus. We long to live like him for the sake of others in every area of life (work, play, and rest), a surrender as comprehensive as Jesus’ work on the cross.  All of life… all for Jesus.

Culture Renewing

The Scriptures declare that one day God will make all things new again. This means we seek to pursue opportunities to steward the resources and gifts God has graciously provided in order to provide kingdom foretastes (or sign-posts) through tangibly bringing hope, healing and renewal to people and places around us.

In Brief

A Glimpse Into Our Thinking


“That San Diego would be a place where everyone and everything is flourishing.”

This vision is a picture of what “thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” looks like.


“Align and empower the people of God to steward their whole lives toward God’s mission of renewing all things.”


Our aim is to help the body of Christ steward all they have been graced with to seek the shalom of our city. We will connect, incubate, and catalyze people and organizations to love their neighbors to life.

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