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A Ministry of Thriving


The church needs leaders that are thriving both personally and professionally if the cities of today are to flourish. Read our findings and what we are doing to help leaders thrive.

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Two Dimensions to Thriving Leaders

Flourish San Diego believes that the kind of ministry that produces redemptive kingdom influence in our cities today requires a holistic formation and training of pastors. Our approach advocates the simultaneous pursuit of two critical dimensions of pastoral formation:

Personal Well-Being: Pastors must thrive as resilient people

Professional Competency: Pastors must thrive as productive leaders


A False Dichotomy

Today’s church faces the challenge of resisting the false dichotomy that places these two dimensions of pastoral flourishing in opposition to each other.

We believe that pursuing the personal well-being of ministers as well equipping them with professional adaptive leadership capacities, will produce thriving ministers, ministries, who cannot help but contribute toward a city that thrives.

A Diagram

We have long observed that even after helping ministers think with missiological clarity and helpful paradigmatic shifts like focusing on city flourishing, the work of implementing change in our congregational cultures is actually the most challenging work. Furthermore, when a leader must move an organizational culture in ways it doesn’t fully understand or appreciate, the leader ’s overall personal well-being and gospel humility is more critically important than ever. Personal well-being and professional vocational competencies work together.


On the Ministry of Thriving Matrix a high value placed on both dimensions of pastoral flourishing is represented by the upper-right quadrant. We contend that ministers in that quadrant are happier, more satisfied, passionate about the ministry, affirmed in their calling, and overall more resilient. They would also be more effective leaders, clear about the nature of ministry, and more certain about the work that needs to be done.


Programming for pastors and Ministry Leaders

Flourish San Diego’s programming is designed to encourage pastors to consistently move toward and inhabit the upper-right quadrant of our matrix as resilient and effective leaders. Although our emphasis is on the younger leader and church planter, our programming is supportive and helpful for all ministers to discover their capacity to lead a ministry of thriving.

Supportive coaching and mentoring in both personal and professional dimensions characterize our programmatic offerings. From church planters to seasoned retirees, regardless (or even embracing) of denomination, we’re curating environments of safe and trusted relationships centered around a kingdom agenda of loving our city to life.

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We’d love to connect via email, phone, or Zoom. We’ve got a bunch of people you can talk with, but Geoff Hsu of Flourish San Diego is readily available to visit with. He doesn’t know everything, but he is a good guesser.

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