Pastoral Flourishing in San Diego Survey


Thanks for participating in the research. Your responses will help us flourish congregational leaders here in San Diego.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Collective?

We are a bunch of pastors, nonprofit leaders, and (hopefully/eventually) musicians, creatives, business owners, redemptive entrepreneurs, and such who believe that working together for the renewing of San Diego is possible and necessary.

We are people of faith, longing to see our churches, ministries, and businesses help everyone thrive.  Read more on our About page.

Why the Survey for Pastors?

Because of our work with pastors and church planters, we had the opportunity to join efforts with the Lilly Endowment. They have been doing some marvelous work to help pastors thrive in what may well be one of the most challenging vocation to be found.

With this research, we are interested in hearing from area pastors and church planters to inform our programming in the coming years. We are very glad to be applying recent learning around wellbeing, resilience, and even neurobiology to helping area leaders thrive in ministry.

Where can I learn more about the survey?

We will be crunching data for a little bit, but we already know there is much to be shared. Click over to the Events page to learn about an upcoming Zoom event entitled, “Insights for Flourishing Pastors” coming up on Aug 26th.

How can I learn more about The Collective?

We’d love to connect via email, phone, or Zoom. We’ve got a bunch of people you can talk with, but Geoff Hsu of Flourish San Diego is readily available to visit with. He doesn’t know everything, but he is a good guesser.

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